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Ring Pro 2 Doorbell Brick Face Extension - 9/16in Wide - No Offset center Extender

Ring Pro 2 Doorbell Brick Face Extension - 9/16in Wide - No Offset center Extender

Doorbell extenders Multiple Angle Pieces and Extension Lengths

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Extension Distance

This mount is a centered brick face mount for the RING Pro 2 only to bring the doorbell out to the face of the Bricks with no offset

In cases where the doorbell is located behind a thick brick wall or other obstruction, the extension can be used to move the button or doorbell to a location where it is close to the brick face  It is available in various extension lengths.   If you cant mount your doorbell flat, or if something is in the way of the view, you can use this mount to correct it.   These mounts allow for wires to pass through the center.

There is NO OFFSET.  The mount is centered on the Doorbell Extension.   The face of the doorbell will be close to the face brick.

*****IMPORTAN***** --- MEASURE FROM THE TRIM TO THE BACK OF THE DOORBELL ....   CHOOSE this distance for the extension distance.  If you dont have your doorbell yet, measure the total distance  from trim to edge of bricks and subtract 1inch --  this is usually enough to get you close to the brick face.

The PRO2 only has 2 Mounting Screw Holes -  If yours has 4, you probably have the Generation 2 - Please see the listing for Generation2.  This one will not Fit.

This is made to put the doorbell FLUSH TO THE FACE of the bricks if your doorbell is mounted to trim.  It DOES NOT offsetsthe doorbell over the bricks and away from the door.  So if doorbell is too close to the swing of the door, this is NOT what you will need.  YOU NEED ONE THAT OFFSETS, if you door is close, or if you have NARROW TRIM.

 This Mount fits this Doorbell found on Amazon (affiliate link below)


If you have angled trim you can get angled shims to make sure your brick extension is perpendicular:

If you have a gap where you hole for your doorbell wire is far from your brick, you have a few options.   

You can 

1.  Install a Bottom Filler Spacer Plate -  Also Correct Angled Trim too in Combination.

2.  Provide a bottom Mouse Hole in the Brick Extension


 This Mount fits this Doorbell found on Amazon (affiliate link

NORMAL COLOR is Black, if you need to purchase a different color, there will be a color change request listing to change the color.

Color Change Request

Be sure to send me a picture of your doorbell and where you want to mount it. Message me by email at or text me at 318-759-7425.  

All my mounts have holes to allow for wire passthrough.

****While 3D printing provides really good production quality parts, there are often imperfections that may be found on the prints. These do not impair the function and rarely affect the aesthetics. But if your not happy with the quality, please text, email, or message me before leaving a review.

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