Collection: Lorex Doorbell Mounts

Lorex Doorbell Mounts -  Each Lorex 1080P (LNWDB1)takes a different Bracket and has 3 screws than the 2 screw models that also have 1080P 2k or 4k Doorbells ( all models that start with a B - and all these only have 2 screws to mount to the bracket).   But the 2k and 4k can fit the same mounting bracket we sell.  There is a new 4k Version that is out.

Printed Brackets will look like these:

Pictures for mounts below may not match. your doorbell, but please be sure to pick the correct model in the options, and I will supply the correct bracket to fit your doorbell.

NORMAL COLOR is Black, if you need to purchase a different color, there will be a color change request listing to change the color.

Color Change Request