Collection: Ring Wired Doorbell Pro Brick Extensions (Was PRO2)

Ring Wired Pro Brick Extension- Ring Wired Doorbell Pro (Previuosly PRO2 - dont get confused with Ring Pro which is different and the older model)  has a specific bracket with a custom fit.  It looks very similar to the Pro (new Name Wired Doorbell Plus)and the Ring Wired 2021.  It can be identified with the Curved Back.

See Amazon Link below for the Exact Doorbell These listing will fit:

My Bracket will look like this that will be supplied for the Pro2:

There is about 3/8in Of overhang if you choose the 5/8in standard offset as compared to the full offset as depicted as the blue brick base piece on the right.  Sliver on the left is the 5/8in standard offset. 

NORMAL COLOR is Black, if you need to purchase a different color, there will be a color change request listing to change the color.

Color Change Request