Collection: Ring 2/3 (removable Battery) Brick Extension

Ring 2/3 (removable Battery) Brick Extension (Listings will have Ring 3- but will Also Fit Ring 2 that has the Removable Battery, if yours has integrated battery see listings for Generation 2, it is not a Ring 2).


Left (red) is the Standard 5/8 in Offset from Center which leaves 5/8 of doorbell on Door side and Right is Fully Offset (in blue)

If you have angled trim you can get angled shims to make sure your brick extension is perpendicular:

If you need an angle adapter or want to add swivel piece to end of the extension click the following picture:

If you have a gap where you hole for your doorbell wire is far from your brick, you have a few options.   

You can 

1.  Install a Bottom Filler Spacer Plate -  Also Correct Angled Trim too in Combination.

2.  Provide a bottom Mouse Hole in the Brick Extension

3.  Add Body Shim Filler Plate


NORMAL COLOR is Black, if you need to purchase a different color, there will be a color change request listing to change the color.

Color Change Request

Be sure to send me a picture of your doorbell and where you want to mount it. Message me by email at or text me at 318-759-7425.  

All my mounts have holes to allow for wire passthrough.