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Fixed Heavy Duty Extension Mount for All Doorbells 1-1/2" Extension from Wall

Fixed Heavy Duty Extension Mount for All Doorbells 1-1/2" Extension from Wall

Available Multiple Angle Pieces and Extension Lengths.

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Doorbell Model

This mount is a fixed extension mount.  It is available in various extension lengths.   If you cant mount your doorbell flat, or if something is in the way of the view, you can use this mount to correct it.  (Purchase Additional Extension Lengths as Separate Item)


This one is 1-1/2" Extension from the Wall to the base of the mount.   The face of the doorbell will be approximately 1in More (most doorbells about 1in thick).


Angle pieces are available to change the angle if needed. 

NORMAL COLOR is Black, if you need to purchase a different color, there will be a color change request listing to change the color.

Be sure to send me a picture of your doorbell and where you want to mount it.   Also just because your doorbell is a wired doesn’t mean it will fit ring wired 2021   Ring has more than 7 different models all with confusing names.  Message me by email at or text me at 318-759-7425.  

All my mounts have holes to allow for wire passthrough.


Doorbell Not Included.
****While 3D printing provides really good production quality parts, there are often imperfections that may be found on the prints. These do not impair the function and rarely affect the aesthetics. But if your not happy with the quality, please text, email, or message me before leaving a review.

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