90 Degree Swivel Mounts and Where to Use Them

90 Degree Swivel Mounts and Where to Use Them

The Covered featured image has a large cover plate on some stucco.  It was c custom plate a customer wanted to cover up some old holes.






Locations on where to use the adjustable swivel mount with a few reviews and location example photos.   Perfect applications.   This is where you want to use the 90 degree swivel Mount.   

But you can also use it on Narrow Trim.   This trim was about 1.5 inches wide.   The base on the the swivel mount is 1.8inches.  So there was a little overhang on the side but it did not affect the installation and still worked fine there.  He could have used the narrow base, but it was not required.

Wyze V2 Doorbell Review from Etys for 15-90º Swivel Adjustable Mount


Here is another one on bricks.   You can also customize the hole spacing if you are mounting on bricks so you dont have redrill your holes.

Ring Pro 2 Doorbell Adjustable Swivel Mount 15-90º  Doorbell Mount

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