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Fixed Trim Narrow/Slim Mount for Video Doorbells

Fixed Trim Narrow/Slim Mount for Video Doorbells

Fixed Mount - Available with Angle Adapters Or No Angle Straight Out.

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Doorbell Model

This is a slim fixed mount that directly replaces your old doorbell using the same holes. screws are hidden behind the Bracket so they are not visible for the model with no angle adjustment. There are small set screws that secures the bracket to the base, that are behind the bracket. This is a fixed non movable mount and an angle piece can be added to change the angle but that is extra, or I have swivel mounts that can adjust if needed   

Bracket is 3/8from wall in standard configuration but also have other extensions and angles available    Pictures show angles and extensions  

ONLY 3/4 in wide -- FIT IN 98% of areas. Mount is 3/4in wide. and 2.5in long with 2in hole space. I have adapters for the other 2%, message me. I can customize for different extension lengths    The base mount in this listing extends 3/8in off the wall   I have another listing that can further extend the doorbell farther from the wall   

PLEASE. MESSAGE me a picture if you have a question about your installation.

All screws are included. Wires pass through the inside. Angle pieces are easily swapped out if you have the wrong angle of if you want to buy multiple angle pieces in case you don't know the angle.

My mount is 2.5in long and 3/4in wide. Holes can be slotted if you don’t know saving but they are normally 2 inches between the holes.  You can request a customization to change the holes  

This is printed in PETG and rated for outdoor use. Do not trust other sellers selling similar items using PLA.

Send me a text message at 318-447-7345 with a picture of your current doorbell if you would like to know if this one will fit. Or message me here on Etsy with the picture. You can get a faster response by text.

I can make these extend farther from the wall for additional cost (due to print time change). The smallest extension will be shipped if no requests are made. Also additional colors can be requested for additional cost - Black is standard color for all doorbells except Simplisafe and Wyze which the standard color is white. If you request a different color, charges will vary from 2 to $5. Please send a customziation request. Please put notes at checkout on what is needed.

Let me know if you want a different hole spacing, I can custom the hole spacing. A

This is printed in PETG and rated for outdoor use. Do not trust other sellers selling similar items using PLA.

Siding Angle Chart:

Recommended Angle Adjustments

Overlap Siding
1/2in Thick or less
4in Tall- 8 Degree
6in Tall - 5 Degree
8in Tall and Greater - 5 Degree
3/4in Thick
4in Tall- 10 Degree
6in Tall- 8 Degree
8in Tall and Greater - 5 Degree
1in Thick
4in Tall- 15 Degree
6in Tall- 10 Degree
8in Tall and Greater - 8 Degree
1-1/2in Thick
4in Tall- 20 Degree
6in Tall- 15 Degree
8in Tall and Greater - 12 Degree

If Doorbell is mounted less than 30in - Then 8 -12 Degree Up
If Doorbell is mounted more than 48in Tall - Then 8 -12 Degree Down

If Doorbell is perpendicular to door (on sidewall) - Recommend angles between 45 or 60 or 75. 60 Degree is usually a good compromise

***3D printed materials printed from PETG are strong, impact resistant, and lightweight. Is is a similar material found in most plastic parts. PETG is a food safe material / non toxic. 3D printing although usually produces fanstastic results, there may be some blemishes that are hardly noticeable. If you are unhappy with the quality I will gladly replace it for free.

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