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Adjustable Round Base Swivel 90° Mount for All Models of Video Doorbells

Adjustable Round Base Swivel 90° Mount for All Models of Video Doorbells

Adjustable Swivel Version for Perpendicular or Side wall Doorbell Inst

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Base is Round with 2in Hole Spacing with 2.5in Outside Diameter.  Can fit where old round doorbells are installed that have 2 screws.  Color is supplied in all black, and can allow wires to pass on the inside.

This mount is fully adjustable from 15-90 degrees.  It is made to change the angle when the doorbell is on side wall that is perpendicular to the door.  In other words, the doorbell faces a different direction that the door does (completely to one side).

For Instance in the above picture the doorbell is on a different wall than the door.


Select the Doorbell Model and Brand you have, and you will receive the basic mount and everything needed to install it including the screws.  (if unsure of the model, please message or email us) We have additional wire if need to make an extension, and also backplates for narrow locations, and special custom designs for difficult situations. 

Check out my install video here showing how one of my mounts are installed.

The mount can adjust the view vertically and horizontally.  So it works very will on lapped siding, or any siding that is less than 1.8inches wide.  The mount can also be used with adapters for smaller widths down to 1/2in.  Some adds ons are pictured.

The Swivel joint has a hole to allow wires to pass through the back. Screws are included to mount and secure the perfect angle so It doesn’t move when bell is pressed. 

Be sure to send me a picture of your doorbell and where you want to mount it.   Also just because your doorbell is a wired doesn’t mean it will fit ring wired 2021   Ring has more than 7 different models all with confusing names.  Message me by email at or text me at 318-759-7425.  

****The 90 degrees is relative, and it might be slightly less, but this listing provides a doorbell bracket that can work in the 90 degree position relative to the wall. Actual angle can vary depending on the position of the bracket .

****While 3D printing provides really good production quality parts, there are often imperfections that may be found on the prints. These do not impair the function and rarely affect the aesthetics. But if your not happy with the quality, please text, email, or message me so I can resolve your issue. 

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