Ring Changes Names of Doorbell Models

Ring Changes Names of Doorbell Models

I made a reference webpade and added it to the homepage. 


Ring Battery Doorbell Names

The above are the battery doorbell names.    

Battery Doorbell Pro/Plus Have Removable Batteries (Previous Year Models 2/3/4/Plus with Removable Batteries also fit the same brackets with all removable battery models ***DO NOT CONFUSE RING 2 with RING GEN2 - Ring 2 has Removable Battery, Ring Gen2 has integral battery) ------ 1st Generation/2nd Generation Doorbells Have Integrated Batteries and are charged hung from mounting brackets that can also we wired in, these 1st/2nd Gen Doorbell have different mounting patterns than than the doorbells with removable batteries.


Video Doorbell Wired (formally Ring Wired 2021) - All these doorbells have 2 mounting holes. There is one other Ring Elite wired doorbell but it is Ethernet ONLY. I have special mounting Boxes available for it also. EACH one takes a Different Mounting Bracket. Please Order the Correct Model.

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